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What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a service to provide a person or business with urgently needed additional human resources without hiring them to your company.


You take your Software Development Project and send it to a development firm for completion


You choose a fully dedicated developer to join your team

Project Control and Responsibility

Outsourcing partner controls the project performance and bears responsibility for the product and its quality

You have all controls and responsibility for the project, project team, project schedule, and project product quality


You pay the whole development project costs

You pay only the Outstaffed Developer(-s) rate, so this payment can be many times less that you would pay in case of Outsourcing

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About us

How we work:

  • a direct contract between client and partner is signed;
  • direct communication line between all 3 sides is established;
  • while our partners execute the tasks, we ensure efficient communication and troubleshoot if necessary.

Outsource Lithuania works perfectly for


We can help find the right people to boost your team or find help develop your MVP

small and medium business

We can find the right team or people to cope with both tight budget or schedule

large business

We can help with quick up-scaling of the project team and help save on wages and other associated payments

it-company/ subcontractor

We can help in finding the right projects and help with business development

Our advantages

Our network of partners and business model provides us with many advantages:

Risk mitigation – our partners are companies specializing in software development, not freelancers, therefore consistency and quality are the priority.

High level of skills – our partners are specialized software developers with their high level of know-how and skills.

Competitive pricing – pay the right price for the right level of competence

Efficient communication – as a tech hub we are involved in communication and thus present for any trouble shooting.

We Support Ukraine

A big number of our partners are Ukrainian companies. If you want to show your support as well – let us know, we will provide you specialists from Ukraine.

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